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Old Backes Food Mart building razed

The Backes Food Mart, 382 Main St., Birnamwood, was razed last week after the building contents had been salvaged. Benefactors Norm and Alice Matsche covered most of the demolition costs for the village. Chet & Emil’s will purchase the lot to be used for parking. 
Miriam Nelson | NEW Media
Jack Kautza has been demolishing buildings for 50 years. His company, Kautza Excavating LLC, tore down the former Backes Food Mart building in downtown Birnamwood in 8-10 hours.
Miriam Nelson | NEW Media
Backes Food Mart had been in operation since 1976 until they closed the grocery store in 2017. During that time, they expanded the space for more groceries in 1979 and in 1983 added a smoke house area for making sausages and brats.
Miriam Nelson | NEW Media
In the course of one day, Kautza Excavating LLC had razed Backes Food Mart, a building that had been on the corner of Main Street and Wausau since 1885.
Miriam Nelson | NEW Media

It had been commanding the corner of Main and Wausau streets in downtown Birnamwood since 1885.

In the course of one day, Jack Kautza, of Kautza Excavating, had removed any semblance to the former Backes Food Mart building.

The project was helped along by benefactors Norm and Alice Matsche. According to Ed Resch, Norm’s cousin, the Matsches have donated about $1.2 million to the village of Birnamwood over the past few years to help make improvements.

Matsche and his wife have a long history of helping his hometown of Birnamwood.