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Teachers shift plans as schools open

Creating a safe environment for the 18 students who will be in Nikki Steigerwald’s kindergarten class is a top priority as she decorates the room at Wittenberg Elementary-Middle School.

(Miriam Nelson | NEW Media)
Lines on the floor are intended to remind Gillett sixth-grade teacher Bryan Brown and his students to stay 6 feet apart as much as possible.

(Warren Bluhm | NEW Media)
Kathy and Leonard Lindstrom, of Lena, donated materials to create desk and table dividers in Lena School recently. The Lindstroms also constructed the dividers, along with their daughters, Margaret and Marie, in honor of their late son/brother, Michael. Lena School District Superintendent Ben Pytleski said the barriers will be very helpful in mitigating the spread of illness in areas where it’s not practical to space everyone 6 feet apart.


Most area schools went back into session this week, but the first day of school was definitely different from first days in previous years.

Depending on the school, students could be in class anywhere from one to five days a week. For those not in the school five days, there will be an adjustment to learn two different ways.

There has been an adjustment for teachers, too, with most having to adjust the style of teaching they’ve depended on for years in order to teach students both in front of them and the ones sitting behind a computer screen.