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Tigerton gets tasty with food truck rally

John and Amanda Hunholz, of Tigerton, enjoy some barbecue for lunch Sunday with their 11-month-old daughter, Hannah, at the Embarrass River Campground.

(Lee Pulaski | NEW Media)
People chat and wander from food truck to food truck Sunday at the Embarrass River Campground in Tigerton, looking for something tasty to eat. The event was a first for Tigerton Main Street, which came up with the concept after having to cancel two other community events.

(Lee Pulaski | NEW Media)

Tigerton Main Street suffered a blow when it had to cancel its annual Independence Day festivities, and it was due to take another hit later this month when officials decided to cancel Applefest, a favorite in the community for years.

However, officials came up with an event to help with the financial loss, and on Sunday, five food trucks lined up for Tigerton Main Street’s first food truck rally.